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How to Get More Out of Your Live Podcast Interviews

You’ve just had a podcast interview go live. Congrats!

Mission accomplished… right? Well, not entirely.

While you might feel like you’ve crossed the finish line, if you stop now, you’re missing out on two of the biggest opportunities podcast interviews have to offer.

How to Pitch the Savvy Social Podcast with Andréa Jones

Have you found a way to make social media marketing fun, without burning yourself out through an unsustainable posting schedule?

If a great story just bubbled up in your memory, you just may be the perfect guest for the Savvy Social Podcast.

Why We Don’t Use Podcast One Sheets

Before you start putting a podcast one sheet together, tune in to hear why they might actually hurt your chances of becoming a podcast guest.

How to Pitch Rebel Therapist with Annie Schuessler

If you want to be a guest on Rebel Therapist, a podcast for therapists who want to create a phenomenal signature program, you better be prepared to spill the beans.Host Annie Schuessler tells us what she’s looking for in a guest and how you can best increase your chances of being accepted to her show.

Podcast Interviews Take Longer to Go Live Than You Expect – Here’s Why

When you start giving interviews, it’s useful to understand how far to plan ahead, , especially if you have a launch or release planned. In this episode, we crunch the data we’ve collected during our 7 years of booking podcast guest appearances.

How to Pitch Money Mindset with Gull Khan

Money Mindset helps entrepreneurs break free from limiting beliefs about money so you can live a life of abundance. Learn what makes host Gull Khan take notice when considering a guest in this conversation with Podcast Ally

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