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If you’ve come across tutorials on putting together your podcast one sheet, you might think it’s an important step towards getting booked on podcasts.

But not so fast! Before you start putting a podcast one sheet together, tune in to hear why they might actually hurt your chances of becoming a podcast guest.

📚 A podcast one sheet indicates a lack of care for the podcast you’re pitching 

The typical recommendation around one sheets is to attach a PDF to a short email introducing yourself as a potential guest.

The problem with this approach is that a podcast one sheet is all about YOU — who you are, what you talk about, and what you want to get from the interview.

Frankly, your pitch shouldn’t be about you. The key to becoming a booked out podcast guest is to focus in on the audience. What will they gain from your episode? 

A podcast one sheet isn’t designed to customize that answer to the podcast you’re pitching, which is why it works against you, especially when you approach well-established shows.

📝 The format is hard for podcast hosts to use

Many people are suspicious of opening or downloading an email attachment from someone they don’t know. So, sending a cold pitch to a host with a PDF one sheet attached is likely to make them wary of opening it at all.

Plus, a PDF one sheet is rarely easy to extract information from. Text often can’t be copied, or if it can, it doesn’t translate well into another document. 

Images used in PDFs can’t be downloaded either, meaning the host now needs to either take a screenshot or email you to ask for a usable photo for their graphics. All of this creates a hassle for the host. 

📁 The contents of a podcast one sheet are more useful after you’ve been booked as a guest.

The podcast one sheet evolved out of a misunderstanding of the way publicists use media kits. All of the information typically included in a podcast one sheet is useful – but only after you’ve scheduled the interview.

🗒️ Instead of a podcast one sheet, consider a traditional media kit

Media kits are important tools to send along once you’ve been booked on a podcast, and all you really need to include in it is your biography and some headshots.

Here are some other things you might want to include in your media kit:

  • Topics you could discuss during the interview, with 10-12 sample questions to ask you on the show
  • Previous media or podcast appearances
  • A breakdown of the pronunciation of your name if people are prone to mispronouncing it
  • Your pronouns
  • Anything that you think will make the conversation more natural and smooth

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