Podcast Pitch Blueprint for Therapists & Health Coaches


 Your work is complex and nuanced, and trying to distill it into short-and-snappy quotes or sound bites never quite feels comfortable. You don’t want to do harm to your community by engaging in shallow conversations.

We get it — so many of our clients hate giving TV interviews and even shy away from social media, because they prefer to hold deeper conversations.

This is why podcast interviews are ideal for therapists, health coaches and other wellness workers whose work is more than just a job — you feel called to impact more lives.

Our agency has helped clients connect with other wellness workers on top podcasts like Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club and The Practice of the Practice, as well as connect with the people you want to serve on podcasts including Lavendaire Lifestyle and A Tiny Revolution. The Podcast Pitch Blueprint for Therapists & Health Coaches gives you the exact pitch templates you need to reach the people you most want to serve.

We book one in five podcasts we pitch for our wellness industry clients, using this exact blueprint, so you can implement it with confidence that you’ll show up in a podcaster’s inbox with a pitch that builds your reputation and positions you in a category of one.

Why our wellness clients love podcast interviews!

When I signed up to work with Podcast Ally, I already knew how effective being a guest is for building my business.  The Podcast Ally team secured me 13 interviews in only 6 months. I’ve already booked a participant from one of those first interviews, and we’re just getting started. The Podcast Ally team always creates thoughtful pitches so I never worry that I’m spamming or annoying hosts.
Annie Schuessler

Therapist and Business Coach, Rebel Therapist

About the Podcast Pitch Blueprint for Therapists & Health Coaches 

You get:

  • Our three top-performing podcast pitch templates for therapists and health coaches (meaning you don’t have to contort these templates to fit your needs) in PDF and Word File formats
  • 3 pitch examples (one per template) that booked interviews on Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club,  Life (UN)Closeted, Nourishing Women Podcast, The Practice of the Practice, and many more podcasts. These pitches have been rewritten in 1st person, so you can see what your own pitches should look like
  • 6 fill-in-the-blank podcast pitch emails that will help you overcome writers’ block once-and-for-all
  • A 48-page workbook that helps you decide which pitch template to use and is chock-full of prompts and examples, so you can send out your first pitch with confidence
  • Writing and editing tips to help you clearly and concisely give podcasts the info they need in a package they can follow
  • A list of 20 podcasts that book interviews with wellness workers like you!

Stop dreaming about being a guest on your favorite podcast… and start booking!

This Podcast Pitch Blueprints is Perfect For 

  • Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Licensed psychologists and psychotherapists
  • Healers
  • Health coaches
  • Fitness instructors
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Movement instructors

If Your Ideal Audience Includes 

  • New clients for your private practice
  • Coaching clients
  • Other wellness practitioners
  • Potential collaborators
  • Potential community members

…then this Podcast Pitch Blueprint will work for you!

You say these templates are tested and proven to work. What does that mean?

Our founder, Brigitte Lyons, started incorporating podcast outreach into her PR agency services in 2014. When she saw the outsized impact podcast interviews had for her clients, even when compared to placements on traditional outlets like Fast Company, Bustle or Forbes, she started to log and track every pitch in an effort to determine what works in this new medium. That early effort evolved over the years, and now we have a comprehensive databank that we use to determine everything from which subject lines get a pitch opened to what kind of email format leads to the most interviews. As a team, we review the data for each of our clients monthly, so we can adapt our pitch styles to what’s working now — not just what worked 5 years ago.

For our clients in wellness industries, one in 5 pitches we send out results in a client interview, so we know the Podcast Pitch Blueprint for Therapists and Health Coaches gives podcasters the information they need to make a decision to book you!

I have a specific podcast in mind. How do I know if these templates will work for me?

The most important thing in suggesting yourself as a guest with the podcast is showing that your story or message is a good fit for their show. The templates in your  Podcast Pitch Blueprint are designed based on the top-performing pitch templates we have tried and tested, based on the audience you want to reach. If you’re struggling to see a match between our description of the people these templates work for, and the audiences, then you might want to select another template. If your situation is not covered or you’re unsure, feel free to contact us at shop@podcastally.com.

Can you guarantee I’ll line up podcast interviews with these templates?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to guarantee a podcast interview is to buy an advertising or sponsorship package with a podcast that offers that as a benefit. This is a fine approach for a lot of businesses, but it’s not a common option and it can get very expensive.

What we can guarantee is that our templates will help you position yourself in the best possible way for success.

What if I download the templates, and they’re not a good fit for me?

That happens sometimes — and you won’t know until you try! That’s why we have a 14-day hassle-free happiness guarantee on all our products.

If at any point during the first 14-days, you find these templates aren’t what you’re looking for, we’ll issue a full refund.

How can I reach you with a question?

You are welcome to email us at any time at shop@pocastally.com.

There is nothing worse than buying a product online, only to realize it’s not what you’re looking for and now you’re stuck with it.

And if we don’t deliver what you’re looking for, that’s on us. Not you.

That’s why we have a 14-day hassle-free happiness guarantee on all our products.

If at any point during the first 14-days, you find these templates aren’t what you’re looking for, we’ll issue a full refund.

Get the Blueprint Our Pitch Team Uses to Book Wellness Pros on Top Podcasts, Including… 

Our Approach Gets Rave Reviews From Podcasters! 

Podcast Ally sends the best guests! It’s very clear that they take the time to do the research to match their guests up with podcasts that align with their message and style.

I love seeing their submissions come through and have interviewed everyone they’ve sent my way!

Laura Wallace

Host, The Gutsy Podcast

As the co-founder of a popular podcast for creative entrepreneurs, I got between 10-15 pitches per week.

Usually about 10 were complete junk. The small bit left were decent, maybe even bordering on slightly interesting. Brigitte’s pitch was AMAZING.

So much so that I not only booked all the guests she would send me as soon as possible, but I begged her to take me on as a client! Anyone who can win me over like that is someone I want to learn from and grow with.

Christina Scalera

Co-host, Creative Empire and Founder of The Contract Shop

Podcast Ally is one of the only sources of guest referrals I trust, because it’s clear that Brigitte and her team actually take the time to listen to my show, understand my audience and make a connection to how the guest can serve my people.

That kind of consideration is rare!

I appreciate that their recommendations are always customized to my show.

Dr. Michelle Mazur

Host, The Rebel Uprising Podcast

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