Case Study

Mille Blackwell, Co-Founder and President of Showcase Workshop

Showcase Workshop is a digital toolkit for sales representatives that contains presentation slides, videos, price lists and brochures, replacing old fashioned ring binders and printed collateral. This US and New Zealand based company is having huge success with major corporations all over the world, including BP USA, Exxon Mobil and Vodafone, who have ditched legacy intranet systems in favor of using Showcase apps.

Much of Showcase Workshop’s growth was the result of direct sales outreach to companies and referrals from happy customers, and Millie Blackwell was interested in adding PR to the mix to help build brand awareness for the company and to reach sales and marketing executives in targeted industries.

Millie’s goal with podcast outreach was to tap into shows with executive audiences as a source of new leads for Showcase Workshop. 

Before I hired Podcast Ally to book interviews for me, I had taken a PR course with their founder, so I knew the care they take in finding the best podcasts to match you with and developing story angles.

But what I didn’t anticipate was how fun the message development process would be. It really helped me to refine my own message and pick out stories to give life to my interviews.

On top of this, the notes and preparation materials I received before each podcast interview are wonderful. They are so comprehensive and they really help pacify the nerves before an interview.

Millie Blackwell

Co-Founder and President of Showcase Workshop

The Strategy

 With Millie’s goals in mind, the team set to identify podcasts that reach executives. We developed a list of podcasts that would directly appeal to sales executives or would have broader appeal for managers looking for leadership content.

We then worked with Millie to identify the insights she could share with each of these audiences. We honed in on a few different interview topics — how she was able to land major enterprise accounts as a New Zealand-based startup as well as a fun management topic that drew upon her company’s culture.   


Millie’s message was a big hit with management and leadership podcasts, who were charmed by the playbook we shared with them as well as her wit.

She also had the opportunity to talk about sales lessons with the hosts of B2B Revenue Leadership and the popular tech podcast Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots.

In addition, Millie was pleased to see how her existing customers and team members responded to her podcast appearances. As she put it, “the power of podcasts for relationship building in my existing network was an unexpected benefit.”

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