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Even the most seasoned guests can get interview jitters or feel like you’re not on their A-game.

Maybe you’re thinking of a big meeting you have later in the day, or simply didn’t get enough sleep last night, and your mind is running in circles.

Giving yourself the benefit of a quick 15-minute mediation practice can help you clear your mind of distractions and center yourself, so you can show up with more ease and attention to your interview.

This “Clear Your Mind” meditation led by Kelly Smith is a resource you can come back to time-and-time again.

If you want to skip to the meditation, it starts at 2:58.

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Connect with Kelly

🗣️ What Kelly does: Kelly is a globally celebrated yoga and meditation teacher, founder of Yoga For You, and host of the chart-topping podcast Mindful In Minutes, where she brings you short, weekly guided meditations to help you stress less and live more.

👋 Where to find her: Website | Instagram | Mindful in Minutes | Meditation Mama 

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