Tara Swiger is the host of the Explore Your Enthusiasm podcast—a show she’s hosted since 2014. 

Explore Your Enthusiasm recently celebrated its 300th episode, and I couldn’t think of a better candidate for our first guest than someone who not only has put out so much content — but the majority of those episodes have also been solo!

I brought Tara onto Podcast Ally to pick her brain about how she keeps the show going. 

In addition to the podcast, Tara is an author, a foster mom, and the founder of a program of business basics for nerdy makers called The Starship, so you know that making it easy was one of her priorities in producing her own show. 

In her interview, Tara shares:

  • Why Tara became interested in the podcast platform 
  • Which is easier to produce — solo or interview episodes
  • How she comes up with content ideas 
  • Exactly how she puts her episodes together
  • How she keeps going even when it feels really hard
  • Tara’s tips for podcasters who are new to creating content or figuring out their audience   

Please check out Explore Your Enthusiasm!

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