Meet Our Featured Guests

Audrey Joy Kwan

Don’t Sacrifice Your Life to Scale Your Business
Audrey is a transformative leader on a mission to empower agency owners to scale their businesses with freedom and joy instead of stress. She teaches her Mighty Pod Model™ to show audiences how to stop drowning in client work and build a lean team that scales.

Jess Ekstrom

7-Figure Founder Empowering Women To Speak Up
As an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Jess is dedicated to empowering women to expand their presence, amplify their voices, and achieve influential impact. She champions a growth mindset with her audiences to unleash inner potential and elevate outer impact.
Dr. Matt Zalesky is a featured guest at Podcast Ally

Dr. Matt Zelesky

Revolutionizing Neurodivergent Care
Dr. Matt is a dynamic clinician dedicated to brain science and breaking mental health stigmas. With a high-energy approach and a background in improv comedy, Dr. Matt inspires and motivates audiences to overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and celebrate neurodiversity.

Scott Gardner and Brent Bouldin

Your Anti-Marketing Agency Experts
Brent and Scott are dedicated to revolutionizing and empowering in-house marketing teams. This duo offers innovative coaching and strategic guidance to arm audiences with the knowledge and tools on their journey to client-side marketing success without a traditional agency.

Jen McFarland

Chief Boss Lady for Digital Solutions
A tech-savvy educator who demystifies technology, empowering business owners to boost productivity. With a judgment-free approach, she partners with audiences to overcome tech fears, fostering confidence and proficiency in using technology for success.

Kelly Lichtenberg

Breathing Life into the Cold Call
From door-to-door encyclopedia sales to leading world-class sales teams, Kelly empowers others to sell authentically. Kelly emphasizes honing phone skills and dispels the myth of cold calling's demise while teaching KPI building and using EQ for sales success.

Cindy Anderson

Developing a Deeply Personal Business Strategy
Cindy is a seasoned leadership advisor, empowering audiences to enhance business value, fuel growth, and cultivate a thriving corporate culture. With a focus on intentional success, she prepares them for ownership transition, both financially and personally.

Dr. Rebecca Dekker

Birthing Brilliance Anchored in Evidence
Dr. Dekker is a passionate advocate for evidence-based birthing practices and drives positive change for families and birth. She pushes back against one-size-fits-all approaches and empowers her audiences through accessible information, nurturing communities, and high-quality training.

Jaime Davis

Expert Advice to Divorce with Dignity
Jaime expertly navigates divorce's uninhibited and financial complexities. With expertise in safeguarding financial health and emotional well-being, she offers invaluable advice for an amicable separation. Jamie empowers individuals to move forward confidently, mitigating impacts and fostering resilience.

Robbie Hardy

The Mentor Capitalist
Robbie empowers women to find confidence and courage through mentorship. With a mission to foster bravery and boldness, she guides audiences through the ups and downs of their entrepreneurial journeys, offering invaluable insights for success.