Remember when you got that perm that you’d been dreaming of and strutted around town proudly, even though it had more of a rat’s nest vibe than a Madonna vibe?

Or even better, remember when you got those parachute pants that you’d been eyeing at the mall and saved up all your babysitting money for?

That hair and those pants were SO COOL to you at the time, but now you look back at the old pictures of yourself and can’t help but laugh at yourself and wonder, What was I thinking?

All of us grow and change every year — not just in our style preferences, but in every aspect of life.

So if our tastes are constantly evolving, why do so many of us expect the same podcasting style and business model to work for us forever?

On Podcast Ally, we invited Claire Pelletreau of The Get Paid Podcast to talk about how she changed her podcast after a brutally honest conversation she had with a friend about her show and content.

Claire goes in detail about:

  • Why she pressed pause on her podcast
  • How it felt to come back 2 years later
  • The difficult conversation that sparked changes that made her podcast and business stronger than ever
  • The steps she took to make her podcast more impactful and intentional after her hiatus
  • Where the idea for her show came from
  • How she gets her guests comfortable with opening up about their finances.

Please check out The Get Paid Podcast at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

And if you’re interested in Claire’s work as a Facebook and Instagram ads consultant, you can watch her masterclass, the 5 ad formula for selling online courses on autopilot, at