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If you’re looking to have a conversation about sex, bodies and confidence in the bedroom and beyond, Honeydew Me is your show!

Hosts  Emma Norman and Cass Anderson believe that everyone deserves to have great sex, feel good in their bodies and love themselves. 

They bring on experts and educators every week who teach step-by-step how to have amazing sex.

When you’re ready to bust through shame, laugh your ass off, and remember that what you’re going through is normal, they’re your go-to gals.

In this episode, Emma and Cass reveal what they look for in guests, the thing some guests do that causes them to not release the episode (and how to avoid it), and the conversations with guests that have stuck with them long after the mics were off. 

💥 Match the energy and tone of the podcast. 

When Cass and Emma look for podcast guests, they look for experts, but that can be a broad term. Sometimes it means medical doctors, but often it means someone with experience who can speak authoritatively and passionately about the topic. 

It’s important that their guests communicate well with the Honeydew Me audience. It’s a safe space and not at all uptight.

💡 You don’t need to have a brand new topic, but bring a new perspective. 

Cass and Emma are passionate about the conversations they’ve had and the guests they’ve spoken to, to the point where advice from guests that has impacted them pops into their heads throughout the day. And while they love learning about new topics, they don’t hesitate about coming back to a previous one and discussing it from a different perspective with a different guest.

“We can talk about dirty talk with one guest, and then we bring on another guest and it’s a completely different conversation,” Emma says. “It’s just so fun to have a guest be so invested and say, ‘Oh, you’ve heard this tip before. Let me tell you this other one,’ and just reinventing the topic with us.”

☑️ Bring actionable advice to the table; don’t just sell your product.

Podcasts are often about cultivating conversations or sharing advice, and Honeydew Me is no exception. Emma and Cass prefer actionable steps or advice for listeners in every episode. 

So when they get a guest pitch that only shows interest in promoting or selling something and not what that person can bring to the audience, it hits a nerve.

It’s one thing if a guest or potential guest has written a book and has a lot of information to share about a specific topic, and listeners could buy the book to learn more. That still benefits listeners and provides them with actionable steps they can take.

But they’ve had guests who have spent the entire time pitching a course without sharing any tips or benefits because they just wanted people to purchase the course instead. 

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