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Do you have actionable advice for business owners dealing with burnout, fatigue, or those who just aren’t getting the results they want? Do you have a story to tell about how you changed your mindset to clear your obstacles and achieve your dreams? 

Better yet, do you have both?

If the answers are yes and yes, then Money Mindset is the perfect platform to share your advice and stories.

Host Gull Khan helps entrepreneurs break free from their limiting beliefs about money so they can live a life of unlimited abundance. If you changed your life by changing your mindset or overcame adversity to build material wealth and abundance for yourself, Money Mindset is a perfect place for you to share your story.

In this episode, learn what makes Gull take notice when considering a guest in this conversation with Podcast Ally Account Lead Santiago Calad.

📖 Achievements aren’t everything. Have a story to tell. 

Your accolades and accomplishments are great, but they don’t automatically make for an interesting story. 

“I have honed my intuitive skills very well. I can look at a one sheet and pretty much guess who I want or don’t want. Most of the time, if they have a story that I like, that’s the person I want to interview. 


It’s not necessarily how much they’ve achieved, it’s usually their stories,” Gull says.

She adds that the people who listen to her podcasts resonate with her, which means they’ll also resonate with the people who she likes and is interested in.

“Do I like them as a person? Do I want to have a cup of coffee with them and have a discussion about life in general and about business? Yes? Okay, let’s meet. Let’s have a chat.”

🛐 Spirituality plays a big role in guest selection.

Choosing guests based on how interested she is in their story has worked extremely well for Gull, and it’s meant that she has connected with most guests during the interview. 

But one thing that sets Money Mindset apart from other shows is the focus Gull and her guests put on a spiritual connection.

Gull can instinctually sense whether someone is spiritual by looking at their pitch, from the wording and their personality, and is more drawn to those guests.

“I connect more with people who believe in universal energy, who do have a spiritual connection with the universe – with God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Ra – it doesn’t matter where she has energy, as long as they are spiritual.”

🔈 New voices bring new stories.

Avid podcast listeners can often find themselves listening to the same guest over and over as they make their way around the podcast circuit. 

As a regular podcast listener herself, Gull knows this and has little desire to listen to the same person repeat themselves on podcast after podcast. This also influences how she chooses her guests.

While previous podcast experiences aren’t a dealbreaker, and Money Mindset has certainly had its share of big names, Gull loves to find new, unique voices.

“Their story is more unique and new compared to somebody else whose story has been on the top 100 podcasts, and everybody knows who they are, and everybody knows their story,” she says.

“I want to listen to and bring to my audience these really inspirational stories, people that they haven’t heard from before, and at the same time support these new entrepreneurs who deserve it.”

✉️ A great follow-up can be just as important as your pitch.

It’s easy to think that if a podcast host likes your pitch, they’ll remember it or get back to you quickly. But hosts lead busy lives, often juggling many different projects, and things can slip.

“Doing follow-up is really important,” she says.

When Gull reads a great pitch, she often makes a mental note to come back to it but sometimes forgets about it completely until she gets a follow-up, prompting her to respond.

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