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Opening up to a therapist might sound tricky for some, but if you want to be a guest on Rebel Therapist, a podcast for therapists who want to create a phenomenal signature program, you better be prepared to spill the beans.

We’re not talking about lying on the couch and talking about your feelings. 

No, instead, you have to be willing to talk about how you make money, how you’ve built your business, and how you bring in clients. 

Host Annie Schuessler, a practicing therapist for 20 years and a business coach for 10, isn’t in the business of presenting “experts” to her audience. Instead, she is far more interested in your case study.

In this episode of our How to Pitch series, Annie tells us what she’s looking for in a guest and how you can best increase your chances of being accepted to her show.

Find out all the dos and don’ts of successfully pitching Annie as she joins Podcast Ally Account Lead Nynke Humalda to discuss what she’s looking for in a guest.

🧮 Be open to digging into the details of your business. 

When pitching yourself as a guest, make it clear that you will be willing to discuss the ins and outs of running your business. 

This might not always look the same for every guest. For example, while some guests share exact numbers, others do not. 

But above all, you must be open and ready to discuss the crucial factors that make up your business — how you’ve built it, how you make money, and how you find clients.

And more than a willingness to discuss these details, potential guests should say they want to talk about these things in their pitch.

“The pitches that stand out as maybe this could work is if somebody is writing saying, ‘I would be open to talking about my business,’” Annie says. “It’s pretty rare that somebody writes a pitch like that.”

🎧 If you’re a listener and you have a business, you should pitch.

If you’re a regular listener of Rebel Therapist, the chances are high that you understand what Annie is doing on the podcast, the questions she asks, and what she likes to focus on, so she encourages listeners to pitch to her.

“They don’t have to have a perfect business. In fact, if they’ve made mistakes they’d be willing to talk about, that could be interesting and helpful to people, too,” she says.

“I’m always trying to teach these certain things about business, and I want to use examples. Examples are the best way, I think, to teach anything.”

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