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Have you found a way to make social media marketing fun, without burning yourself out through an unsustainable posting schedule?

If a great story just bubbled up in your memory, you just may be the perfect guest for the Savvy Social Podcast.

Host Andréa Jones is a social media strategist whose audience is full of coaches and experts looking for way to go from stuck to strategic, passion-led powerhouses and visionary thought leaders with her simple approach to social media: “take one little step each day. Build your social media savvy over time.”

With 10,000-12,000 downloads a month, you’re sure to find an eager group of business owners for your social media case study — but only if you align with Andréa’s vision. 

Listen to our interview to find out how you can become a guest on Savvy Social Podcast!

📝 Fill out the form correctly and look at the briefing

In order to filter for great guests, Andréa and her team have put a lot of effort into their guest submission form. If you want to prove that you are a great guest for the show, make sure you directly answer the questions they ask.

For example, if you have a story about how you made a million dollars in your business, congratulations! But if there is no mention of social media in your submission, it doesn’t matter how aspirational your story is. You’re not a good fit for the show. 

Moreover, if you are accepted onto the show, make sure you read the briefing Andréa’s team provides, which includes the questions they will look to ask on the show. You don’t want to make it on her list of guests who have turned up to the recording, only to turn around and admit they won’t be able to answer any of the questions Andréa has prepared.

🚩Unrealistic posting schedules are a red flag

Just the idea of someone suggesting that you should be posting three or four times a day, on any social media platform, makes Andréa’s body tense up at the thought of how exhausting that would be.

“That’s not for me. And it’s not for my people,” Andréa says. “Anyone who talks about being on all the social media platforms all at once, that’s very challenging for a lot of people. And you need a team to be able to do that.”

So if you want to be a guest on the Savvy Social Podcast, make sure your social media posting schedule is not a recipe for burnout. Be realistic with the social media output that listeners should be able to achieve. 

💡The Savvy Social Podcast Listening Guide can help you generate ideas for your pitch. Use it!

Thanks to the leg work Andréa and her team have done building the Savvy Social Podcast Listening Guide, you can hit the ground running when it comes to topics and ideas for your pitch. 

Say you want all the episodes on Instagram. Well, thanks to the guide, you can find the top episodes related to this topic. 

Or say you are a specialist in social media. Occasionally the Savvy Social Podcast will release episodes specifically for social media managers, and you can find all these episodes in one central location. So you don’t have to scroll back through 200+ episodes to find what you’re looking for.

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