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When you sign up for a podcast interview, there is a lot sitting with you in the recording booth – even when that “booth” is your kitchen table.

On top of being excited and nervous all at once, there might also be a little voice warning you not to get too carried away.

That voice may be reminding you of how embarrassed you were at 7, when you got teased for being too loud. You want to avoid feeling that again, don’t you?

As Nicole Lewis-Keeber puts it, that’s the voice of your inner kiddo –  a part of you that was formed through an adverse childhood experience. 

As an adult, these kiddos can hijack you in the moments when you are looking to share your work in a bigger way. 

This episode is all about exploring and understanding how childhood experiences create safety mechanisms that show up when you’re feeling most vulnerable. By understanding Nicole’s work, you can start to recognize your triggers, create a plan for navigating them in the moment.

Nicole is a business therapist, who combines therapeutic processes with business coaching to help entrepreneurs build emotionally sustainable, financially stable businesses. 

Listen to the episode to hear us explore how to care for your inner kiddos and become a more confident and effective podcast guest. 

Connect with Nicole Lewis-Keeber 

🗣️ What Nicole does: Nicole Lewis-Keeber, MSW, LCSW, is a business therapist, author of How to Love Your Business, and creator of the Do No Harm Program for Trauma Conscious Entrepreneurs, , and is trained and certified with Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead™ methodology.

 👋 Where to find her: Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Tik Tok


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