Starting a podcast is hard enough, without intentionally pushing yourself well beyond the limits of your comfort zone.

But that’s exactly what Tanya Geisler did when she launched the Ready Enough Podcast.

As a certified Leadership Coach, TEDxWomen speaker and writer, Tanya is the pre-eminent authority on the Imposter Complex. Her clients include best-selling authors, public speakers, and rockstar motivators.

With credentials like those, it might be hard to believe that Tanya’s podcast grew out of some tough questions she didn’t feel ready to answer. 

Instead of shying away from those questions, Tanya turned them into a learning opportunity for herself and her audience.

In this episode of Podcast Ally, I talked to her to find out what it was like hosting a podcast, when you know going into each conversation that you were going to be learning from your guests — and possibly getting things wrong.

In our conversation, Tanya shares:

  • The tough realization that led her to start the Ready Enough podcast
  • Why she felt the need to step up as a coach and a leader to better understand at the intersectional identities that impact a person’s experience with her subject matter
  • What to do when you realize that you don’t have the expertise to adequately help someone who approaches you
  • Navigating sensitive topics, and getting comfortable with the fact that you WILL make mistakes

Please check out the Ready Enough Podcast at or wherever you listen to podcasts.