What do you do when the podcast you built doesn’t excite you anymore?

When you haven’t resonated with your own content in a while, and you just can’t muster up the energy to push through the disconnect anymore?

You could always rebrand your podcast and pivot to a topic that’s more aligned with who you are now, but that would mean losing the audience you worked so hard to grow!

…. Or does it?

Dr. Michelle Mazur has proven that rebranding isn’t the kiss of death for your podcast and can reignite your passion for podcasting.

As a brand messaging coach, Michelle teaches that having a clear and captivating message is the key to reaching the people you could help the most, in a way that is powerful and feels effortless.

And yet, she reached a crossroads with her podcast, where she knew that she had to rename and rebrand her show.

In today’s conversation, Michelle walks us through her decision to make the change — as well as the response she got from her audience.

I also got her to share her tips with dealing with the pressure of feeling like your podcast has to be perfectly scripted in order to be successful.

Please check out the Rebel Uprising podcast on Michelle’s site, or wherever you listen to podcasts!