Have you ever considered bringing on a co-host for your podcast?

Someone to riff off of and share the responsibility for producing content or to fill in the gaps when you blank out during an interview?

Kira Hug and Rob Marsh have been co-hosting The Copywriter Club together since 2016, and they joined Podcast Ally to share how they got into a groove with their podcast and co-hosting abilities.

Kira and Rob talk about:

  • How they create space for one another to follow their interests during an interview
  • The logistics of co-hosting (ever worry about talking over your co-host? Kira and Rob have tips for you!)
  • How they decide which guests to bring onto The Copywriter Club
  • How they’ve kept their podcast fresh over the years
  • Why they love working together — even as they sometimes compete for clients!
  • Their advice for podcasters looking to stand out in a competitive market
  • Their go-to questions for sparking great conversation

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