When podcasters decide to monetize their shows, usually they opt between advertising or community support models.

Brand partnership is the road less traveled, but working with an established company who can support the podcast financially, provide production assistance and promote your content could be a dream-come-true for a podcaster looking for more stability and to grow their own platform.

Today, on Podcast Ally, we’re exploring the question of what it’s like to partner up with an established company to produce your podcast with the help of Tara McMullin.

Tara originally launched the What Works podcast under the name Profit.Power.Pursuit in partnership with CreativeLive. She joined me to talk about how she pitched the idea of a podcast to CreativeLive, her experiences working with them, and why she ultimately decided to become an independent podcaster.

Tara shares the nuts-and-bolts on:

  • How she approached CreativeLive with the idea of starting a podcast together
  • Her advice for finding a brand to partner with
  • The major benefits of co-producing a podcast with the help of an established company
  • Why Tara decided to end the partnership with CreativeLive, and how she approached them to ask for full control of the podcast
  • How she managed the transition to indie podcaster
  • The way she plans content themes for What Works
  • Why Tara believes you should consider your podcast a product you’re providing to customers
  • How she developed her own skills as a podcast host and producer

Please check out What Works at www.explorewhatworks.com or wherever you listen to podcasts!

I also highly recommend Tara’s podcast production company, Yellow House Media, for anyone who wants help with their own content strategy.